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Plot by Others About Priest FALSE No Former Priests or Priestesses of Temples of Satan

February 15, 2015

Temples of Satan

Founded 2000

Recent allegations of a Priest who left the Temples of Satan are merely constructed in retaliation of accusations levied against others, to date the original clergy are still part of the vibrant and ever growing Temples of Satan, no ordained clergy member has ever left since 2000, however one has been dismissed because of a conviction, however this person was only a Reverend.

We in the clergy of The Temples of Satan released the complete background report of the former Reverend who was convicted and are confident he has not acted in any manners detrimental to the Temples of Satan.

All information provided by anyone claiming to be a Priest or Priestess is false.

The Temples of Satan does not release any name and is bound by strict confidentiality agreements in place upon ordainment.

We are fully aware of Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik and his background and have long supported his efforts in protecting those in the Occult Community against criminals, we stand with him in all his decisions and support his actions against those deemed counterproductive to the cause of Theistic Satanism.

Recent “stalkers and those with criminal paths have a driven a relentless effort to smear his name on the Internet but we are very optimistic as Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik has no criminal record of any significance to date and we stand as Theistic Satanists with him.

Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik was quoted: “I have exposed so many people that could harm those in the Occult and as Leader in Theistic Satanism I will always stand for those who are abused and taken advantage of I am proud of my clergy men and women who have held the Temples of Satan together for so many years.”

The Clergy of The Temples of Satan







For Release.


Daniel Paden of Fremont California Continues Stalking Via Telephone of Prominent Religious Figures

February 15, 2015

Phone Stalking From Daniel Paden Continues

Cindy and I are now the targets of Daniel Paden’s campaign to stalk and harass, and have pursued avenues to protect ourselves, we both have been victimized by Atheist rhetoric and attacks from a failed forty five year old alcoholic who has been alleged to have molested his own daughter.

I discovered in emotional emails from a ex-girlfriend of Daniel Paden who in a tear filled interview exposed he had in a drunken stupor admitted he may have had sex with his own daughter coercing her one drunken evening., and in retaliation he visited and stalked my father and wife at our residence and business while being inebriated.

He cheerfully posted a video to the event, claiming he was merely shopping, well visiting over two thousand miles to hand out a brochure something against that in our religion is allowed in our religion without cruelty, and now even today my phone while unable to trace the location of the calls, is being monitored by Verizon and techs have claimed that calls have originated in California.

Cindy has received few calls than me, and I plan to visit legal avenues in the days ahead.

I have offered a reprieve to this stalker, but he refuses to settle as he knows I have strong evidence against him in the allegations of child molestation.

I remain vigilant and warn people Daniel has engaged in many stalking incidents where people disagreed with him, but I remain vigilant and know justice shall prevail and I am very grateful to the supporters and will let justice prevail.

Daniel Paden a unemployed forty five year old chooses to drink himself to death and stalk and harass he will in the end pay the price, and I am of the opinion he molested his own daughter that is something he needs to take up with his ex girlfriend and leave me and wife to our lives, because he has none and is an apparent failure, his pod casts barely get few listeners and this fight I think is to increase his listener base, and because I published recently copies of the damning emails he continues to deny any connection to yet I have viewed photo evidence of his ex and him together which I also posted privately to those who I personally know, as his ex girlfriend feels endangered.

I can see why, he has enlisted Atheists who are friendly to him, or from his tiny fan base to name call, and stalk as well but each will be dealt with individually in the future.


Should you have any further information on Daniel Paden to as to him or his friends stalking you please feel free to email it to

Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik PhD.

The Satanic Temple Stalker Daniel Paden Response

February 7, 2015

Daniel Paden Response

Dr.Tom Erik Raspotnik

Daniel Paden “hits the wall of truth!”

Daniel Paden’s Blog.

My response!

As many of you in the Satanic Community already know Satanists who are Theistic seldom are friends with those in Atheism, nor should they be because this occurs.

Daniel Paden has been stalking me for months after I exposed a few intriguing facts about him, and his gang of internet stalkers.

Cindy Raspotnik my wife, also has been being stalked and harassed via the internet in Social Media also for several weeks by Daniel Paden’s rehabbing Beth Hedrick who we understand is recovering alcoholic and suffers from a long record of drug and alcohol abuse.

(This information was provided from a former friend and a woman who now is also being stalked by Daniel Paden, she also resides in Michigan.)

But many of you already are aware of this by watching his videos he cheerfully posted around the internet and in which he soon found out people were not in agreement with and quickly deleted comments supporting me.

Stalking in such a manner is contrary to Michigan Laws and future stalkings could lead to serious criminal charges based on Michigan Laws governing “cyber-stalking” of residents of Michigan.

Daniel Paden has a long record of stalking people from Reverends of Christianity to many others I found this interesting quote taken directly from his own blog which he provided extreme lies and smears upon making up all things he needed to attempt to smear me.

A gentleman by the name of P.Z. Myers someone else who fought against Daniel Paden smears and innuendos unfounded claims and falsehoods.

Daniel Paden was quoted :I can hardly find the words to describe my feelings about this reply from PZ. I will attempt it though….WHAT THE FUCK?! Where does PZ Myers live ?

Was Daniel Paden looking to stalk P.Z. Myers for disagreeing with him, after reading Daniels “dramatic postings” we could only begin to see a definitive pattern of Internet Stalking.

With interviews with a MI woman a fellow Pod Caster who he stalked relentlessly he has began to lay a very defined “track record.”

But on to his claims and dispelling his lies and slanderous commentary, which could be formulated as coming from a mentally ill person.

  1. Daniel questioned my Academic Background.

    I have presented several photos of my degree and my certificates, as usual someone being a low education level, he failed to see the photos I presented and decided to put a “spin” on my credentials acting in sheer jealousy since he is unemployed and has been underemployed most of his working life.

  2. Daniel claims as others have that my title which was given to me by the Temples of Satan Clergy not the general public The Leader of Theistic Satanism is “bogus” yet as the leading voice in Theistic Satanism the title is very appropriate and has been coveted by me since a large elective voice of Theists gave it me not because I wanted to be the King of Satanism or some Pope like he claims but because I exhibited leadership beyond others involved in this sect of the religion. I must say coming from Daniel Paden being a Atheist and claiming to be a Satanist doing nothing but supporting Atheism is very hypocritical and leads people to question his overall sanity. Daniel is delusional and thinks people who disagree with him are always wrong.

  3. Daniel Paden is claiming I am speaking on others behalf, when in essence its his Satanic Temple attempting to interject themselves in all types of Satanism and like cowards hiding under pseudonyms pretending to be Satanists and instead of moving Satanism ahead involving themselves in political views and battles they are “ill prepared” financially to deal with, and dramatic situations which caused Brian Werner to leave. :

  4. Daniel has made claims I am stalking his daughter, and posting pictures of her on Face Book I did provide him an insightful picture of his daughter so he would know I knew who his ALLEDGED VICTIM was, and that it was shameful if the allegations were real. I did no way stalk his daughter who is classified an adult. I have stood up for children in the Occult and while his daughter probably not an occultist I would hope has had some form of counseling if the allegations are real. “The more I look into these allegations I am of the opinion these allegations are “very real.”

  5. Daniel has made statements I will use a gun on him if he visits again, or if I was home. I can say this Michigan residents have the right to protect themselves with firearms allowed under the Castle Doctrine and I am willing to use force to protect my, wife, or even my father if required and am a avid shooter and gun owner. I am not embarrassed whatsoever of my right to own and use firearms for protection. I am not fearful whatsoever of Daniel so I probably would just use the old fashioned way of dealing with people fisticuffs!

  6. Daniel Paden claims he was not stalking Cindy Raspotnik however eyewitness accounts and reports to authorities present a different story as he came to deliver a “ill prepared” pamphlet and pretended to be shopping and acting like he was looking for me, yet he had been aware that I was out of town. Cindy bravely stood for herself and me and the video embarrassed Daniel if anything. Daniel fled quickly as Cindy moved with him attempting to move him towards awaiting security and he fled on foot thereafter escaping security. He returned and attempted to film management and get commentary and was removed immediately and ran as police arrived to take important information. But heavy edits of the video occurred.

  7. Daniel has made claims I said he was married when I did make a mistake calling his rehabbing girlfriend Beth Hedrick his wife, I referred to events with his ex girlfriend who also reported to me in her emails regarding his abusive nature, so that could be ruled hearsay but judging from his drunken condition during his stalking of my wife Cindy could not judge his actions as his voice elevated while he fled the crime scene, claiming to be shopping all the way out the door. “What were you shopping for, more beer Daniel?”

  8. Daniel claims I am smearing him by calling him an alcoholic, and all the pictures including this picture I am using where he is smashed on a bench drinking the “cheap beer” Pabst. “I thought only old men drink Pabst?” Many people from his past have admitted to me he has a long record of drinking and his own girlfriend Beth Hedrick was released according to her posting for misuse of alcohol. I have heard from credible sources and former friends that Daniel and Beth have a long record of “on again off again” romance and violence based on their apparent alcoholism.

  9. I have posted his address and he has seen fit to post my business and home address and troll business forums in a straight up jealous fit, because at forty five years old he is unemployed and has remained that way most of his adult life, friends say he was fired for being drunk on several occasions and of course as most alcoholism victims he remains in denial.

  10. Daniel is also crying about all the people I have under some kind of mind control and I have in the past also had this claim arise from others who are “bashing” me or attempting to “smear”me, I have people located in my membership around the world and I did say I am NOT “libel” for actions through loyalty and actually have membership living near him San Jose, who I requested being a better man than Daniel to not do anything to him. I can only assume he has created a monster under the bed again, I have by reading his blogs and words see he has a paranoia complex of thinking people are coming for him, perhaps he has a “tin foil hat somewhere too!”

  11. Daniel has made numerous allegations but I can tell you without hesitation, there is more and likely some teeth in the allegations his ex girlfriend levied against him and I have decided to end my allegations against him, I do not wish this man harm should he be guilty, I believe he is and the emails I have are very convincing, but his recent stalking incident provides insightful evidence to this man suffering from paranoia.

  12. Daniel also has made up some serious claims that I am propagating violence against him, we all can see he has a track record of claiming this just by reading into his blog which I featured at the top of this posting. Daniel has a long track record of paranoia and does a good job of convincing people he is the victim, this action is often most exhibited by those suffering from Narcissism or depression side effects of alcoholism.

  13. Daniel has been made several offers to end his diatribe, but due to his apparent Narcissism he has refused to end his slanderous behaviors and stalking, he “gets off on it.” I am not willing to continue to be a part of a alcoholism victim who is using his life failures as a vehicle to claim I am victimizing him, I got the best of him and he intrinsically hates the very idea. His quest is to smear me and my wife and I find this reprehensible and recommend people condemn him for his blatant actions which involved stalking.

  14. Daniel claims I have not provided any evidence for my claims, and that “ask” would endanger individuals, this is not a game or a Atheist challenge to “prove it” the allegations I have addressed with the public about Daniel Paden are serious and could lead to civil or criminal charges in the future, his ex girlfriend he denies has since asked that the information remain confidential, these allegations are not by my design they are serious and involve his daughter I will respect her and end my communications with Daniel regarding this leaving this to authorities. As far as his stories of me claiming sex offenders all around in the The Satanic Temple I provided evidence so displayed in email exchanges with Adam B. Daniels a former convicted sex offender who recently was involved in other criminal activities at the Oklahoma Capital the Satanic Temple admitted to relations with Adam B Daniels and his wife needing them for the project of the now failed Baphomet Statue which required a permit of residency.

I have seen actions of people like Daniel Paden for many years, these people in the Occult or in Satanism that have nothing to do but attack me for standing up for the religion and my leadership of my own successful off-line Temples of Satan and other projects, If I am such the bad Satanist as Daniel Paden say, I say his credibility being a Internet Stalker, Alcoholic, Self Admitted Criminal, and Paranoid Individual.

I will also say that Daniel is so obsessed with stalking me, he has been splicing my Sound Clouds which appear here

He also often engages in without permission recording and filming people like he is some form of breaking news reporter, and has illegally used my phone conversation with him editing it as he see fit to add or subtract the truth, I am not worried as I am who I am so whatever was said is just that.

He continues to troll me comment sections and has been blocked and banned and I will continue to move forward with my projects merely referring people to this documentation in the future.

Daniel claims so much popularity, so we visited the premier traffic index for websites on the internet and you to as the reader can enter in the search box and “poof” you will see results 1 page view a day, wow impressive Daniel.

I will say this I have found many of my sites in the same shape, and I can honestly say this guess you are more “hype than real.”I have hundreds of links and pages, and receive an average of 4 on my most vigorous blog so Satanism isn’t listening to me or you I guess.

More Interesting Articles on Daniel Paden provided for your viewing enjoyment.

Atheist Commentary

An Old Blog

Here we see Daniel Trolling those questioning him, as I have found most of his thread comments are closed and I can see why, read his blathering commentaries and ad hominid attacks against those who are questioning his article.

He had decided to call me a troll and yet, others are claiming that about him.

Again this continues.

If you wish to find out more on this story please use the following links to my blogs and read the stories I have uncovered on (Reap) Daniel Paden.



The Temples of Satan Clergy condemn the actions of Daniel Paden, and condemn his internet stalking behaviors, we have begun to inform the public and shall fight the good fight against those involved in offenses against the Theistic Satanic Community. Please contact our TIP LINE should Daniel Paden threaten you as a member or clergyman or woman.

I am done with Daniel Paden and Beth Hedrick, I appreciate the time you took in reading this article and shall now move forward with my wife, issuing this warning if you decide to return and “stalk” my wife or any family member I shall make sure you face the most severe repercussions because in closing I know as well and many in the Theistic Satanic Community that this argument was never about your daughter and allegations of your ex girlfriend or was it an issue with religions sacrificing animals during religious practices but simple a failed attack upon those who stood against the Satanic Temple, nothing more nothing less and you Daniel were elected the spokes idiot.

Thanks Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Champion of the Net No More!

July 14, 2013


Championing the Future

The Leader of Theistic Satanism Moves Forward

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik



Well there is none, is anybody really listening?

Once I operated one of the largest off-line and legal churches in Theistic Satanism, and I still own all the legalities of such, I am the first to actually get ordained as a Theistic Satanic Reverend and will retain such credentials, I am the first Theistic Satanist to appear on television in the United States and Europe and I am first to do radio interviews, but most of all I have put my reputation out there as a leader, without failure I have acted in the name of my deity which is Satan, and without waiver represented with class and conviction each and every one who has called Theistic Satanism theirs.


While Dorothy Nixon or Diane Vera started the first web site on Theistic Satanism, I watched her stand by the sidelines and watch as Theistic Satanism flourished in my many off-line meetings, less than six years ago I held weekend meetings in many locations, almost more than the Church of Satan ever did.

I watched Dorothy Nixon (Diane Vera) and found her unable to effectively and historically explain Theistic Satanism and I countered with more historical and accurate explanations despite taking a vow to the elders of Theistic Satanism because of Theistic Satanism, and alienating myself from my teachers because I wanted to teach the right way, but that story is something the critics have failed to ever realize or even talk about.


I spoke publicly and openly about the historical path of Theistic Satanism, and produced more documents and writings than anyone ever, and yet I have never written a book, I may someday but I remain undecided since Occult Books are being written so fast, and failing to sell any kind of numbers as people spend time now in Internet Occult activities, instead of reading and practicing.


For today’s magician who knows historical and archeological evidences, we are moving back underground avoiding people like, The Church of Ahriman and Micheal W. Ford and those others from David De Paul to the Church of Malphas who are concentrating on Internet Commerce and selling the naive their brand of the Occult, we as Theistic Satanists are better than those criminals and their way of placing themselves of the deity instead of acting on behalf of the deity.


As the Leader of Theistic Satanism, a dubious title I was granted by a majority of Theistic Satanists for my efforts both on and off-line in service to Theistic Satanism and of course the deity known as Satan I found myself at the forefront of a decline in the Occult, and I did not want to understand it, as I have been dedicated to Satan my entire life.


I began to engage and combat those misleading people, I took the side of the victims, and soon the criminals like The Church of Ahriman (ran by a convicted rapist and a drug dealer) began to attack me via various forms of Social Networks including Face Book, yet I have remained vigilant and more often than not required no help whatsoever in combating these criminals, so here I have reached my point of finish.


I accomplished my goals, and defended who I could there are so many false profiles and so many false prophets, tasks nowadays are like fighting endless forest fires, case in point The Church of Malphas set up by a woman, who we know has created virtually hundreds of false profiles, reminding me of the movie Catfish and attacking everyone from my now dead Mother to my girlfriend, all in finding themselves exposed as trails kept leading back to the original criminal.

At the very beginning I stated moving forward, and the exclamation that there is nothing, what do I mean?

I have tried to explain many things over the internet, I have written hundreds of posts, all talking about what we are Theistic Satanists can do, what we can study, and where we can go, all went upon deaf ears, I am now going to become a spectator, and only work as a consultant to those who can effectively provide a solid message or system of teaching for Theistic Satanism.


I have projects that I do off-line, I have no desire to fight for a piece of the Face Book pie, I will maintain my Face Book group for a few more months and close it, I will maintain my profile on Face Book, which has thousands of likes (never bought) LIKE MY FACE BOOK PAGE HERE and soon move forwards, I have interviews about Theistic Satanism coming up and of course my successful radio station all matters that are far more pressing than Face Book or fighting for a realm on the Internet, so I will let the criminals now run rampant and hope you as I have stand up for Satan, not yourself and let them have the imaginary kingdom of Face Book.


I leave you all with these problems that need attention, but no longer mine, I am not leaving Social Media just doing it far better.

  1. Face Book Groups are not churches, temples or chapels and while people will shove documentation of legalities in your face, Face Book Groups are not places to practice Real Magic, off-line is always were it is, because The Church of Malphas is a perfect example, but before this cult of fraud came on the Social Network Scene and added without peoples permission hundreds of uninterested people, there were others like the Brotherhood of Satan and even today we have videos and falsehoods spewing out from The Church of Ahriman (convicted criminals) are all in your groups and the swill that hang with them, who ran around the net in other platforms like MySpace victimizing Occultists.

  2. Criminals should not lead anyone, and people who join groups on or off-line should fully investigate the leaders, force them to give their real names, and legal documentation with their real names, and keep their names in case they need to be reported to authorities for criminal actions to protect you and others who come after you.

  3. Be careful New Age Books lead you all over instead of the path, this is part in parcel because the authors of today often are about ego not about the deity and think fame and fortune will come from some misguided Bible, Satan needs no Bible he has one and it is not the Satanic Bible, nor was it written in the last several thousand years.


I am not going away I am going a different direction, not in faith or in Theistic Satanism, I will still lead and honor my commitments to Satan, I am organizing off-line since many of the people who took the religion of Theistic Satanism upon themselves have abandoned the fight, not the religion.

I can fight these criminals with a small army, I needed you and so did the deity but I am sad many of you ignored the criminals and even struck friendships with them, I didn’t I stood against them with a handful of people and I am sorry many of you failed, and many of you also had the criminals ruin your reputations, in the end we did have victory over them as they focused on me, and elevating me by activities that consumed hours of their time attacking me, or answering me back elevating me to their God.


I never wanted such a title I am NOT a Modern Satanist, but aside from all of this internet trolling and fighting, I saw many of the Elders of Theistic Satanism now go off-line as I will as well, there are many avenues I can drive upon and I am not finished helping and have now nothing more to do in the days ahead the sites I have produced will go dark I hope the criminals can do the same, but if not I will then look at the content and modify it to use it to make myself even more well known, and them as well for I will be concentrating on other projects which will allow me to soar and help people for Satan, I have always been in Theistic Satanism for Satan not myself, this shall continue and I will finish my battles, which many of you still misunderstand, I am sorry many do not get it but its over.



Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik


Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Exposes Ricky Clawson

June 30, 2013


Church of Malphas Psychic Fraudster Ricky Clawson

Let us introduce you to the Church of Malphas Psychic.

In breaking news we have found this “alleged” child molester Ricky Clawson hailing from Texas who is employed at Psychic Source is involved in the Church of Malphas fraud against religious leader Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, we have investigated Mr. Clawson a fraudulent psychic and have found several interesting things in his past including theft and allegations of child molestation.

Under a “mild mannered” look this “creepy” individual according to former Church of Malphas Board members is involved in steering Barbara Sobel in attacking both Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik and Robert Fraize.

Often people involved in Psychic activities involve themselves in religion, we suggest you investigate all who practice physic activities, beyond feedback because I can tell you feedback can always be created and paid for, so credibility is important and after investigation of Ricky Clawson I as an Occult Leader and several other credible physics suggest you avoid the service of Ricky Clawson.


This commentary is a public announcement and allegations presented here are presented under Freedom of Speech, while we understand this criminal is gay this in no way is an attempt to bash his personal choices, this is an activity he has used in the past to remove his fraudulent behaviors we will not yield to such cards being played.



August 12, 2012



Advanced Learning Module 2

From the Leader of Theistic Satanism Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik


I am often asked what can I do to enhance my magical abilities, so I have gathered a few techniques from here and these and will provide them to you in this post, I have changed a few things to appeal to a broad range of readership in Satanism.

Before you meditate I suggest you not be under the influence of any mood altering drugs and have a silent area to meditate in.


1) Make it a formal practice. You will only get to the next level in meditation by setting aside specific time (preferably two times a day) to be still, try to avoid drama and stress up to two hours prior. I…

View original post 975 more words


September 4, 2011

This years “Reverse Christian Award” Book Review!
Presented by The Temples of Satan to the founder Damien Blackthorn founder of the Temple of Satan located in Indiana, also writer of the book to follow along with my review of such.
These excerpts were taken from a recent public release and information was generalized by the author, my commentary and corrections come under each area analyzed.
Damien BlackThorn
Biblicus Satanicus Vol.1

for the Theistic Satanist
Within your hands is an amalgam of Traditional Satanism and modern chaos magic. With it comes the power to subjugate the feral forces of the Abyss, as well as the inner realms of the human psyche. Much of the information in this grimoire is a product of a very intense and prolonged version of the ancient spell (Vision from the Dark Goddess) contained within. Before attempting any works prescribed in this text, it should be read in its entirety. 

Visions of a Dark Goddess, sounds a little Christian, as history shows darkness is placed upon the entire pagan world from Christians, while some deities were considered defilers the concept of good and evil doesn’t take shape until Persia with the concept of Abhura Mazda and demons an daemons, a story that does not technically fit into a Sumerian Root Study of deities in origin or record.

Thanks to Lilith 
I began to notice, especially towards the end of this project, how very little I’ve had to do with the way this book has evolved. Sources of information and inspiration from completely opposite spectrum’s have collided in unlikely arrays, each piece fitting to the next with the precision of the Goddess spinning Her intricate web of chaos. 
A powerful manifestation has made Herself known to me, dropping manna at every instance that energy became scarce. She is an ancient primal force, and She has chosen me as her oracle. My quill is guided by Her hand. I feel Her coursing through my veins. Her presence is a true blessing, and this book would not have been possible without Her. 

You were chosen as the oracle? Based on your lack of historical knowledge you maybe could buy a server from Oracle Corporation but a oracle you are not farm boy from Indiana, and get your stories right Lilith is construct and is not traceable to Sumerian Lore, unless you consider Inanna, for the Theistic Satanist we prefer to be told the real story not the one that comes to mind because you are youthful on your path and refuse to understand Sumeria, for if you did then you would have never made the oracle claim, face it you are not an oracle!

Theistic Doctrine

Theistic Satanism

Theistic Satanism, also referred to as Traditional or Spiritual Satanism, Is defined by a genuine belief in Satan as powerful deity with influence over the on goings of this realm, as well as the ever expanding realms of the Abyss. We call forth Satan and his infernal pantheon they are the Godheads that embody our particular blend of beliefs and values. These ancient deities and the wisdom of their philosophies are timeless, and so we resurrect them into the reality of the hear and now through donations of thought and emotion, because we know that tangible results can be achieved through the blessings of these servitors once risen from the depths of our collective sub-conscious. 

COMMENT: You did not peer group this book making it an “epic failure” from its inception, the Temples of Satan a legitimate provider or Theistic knowledge and study have found this book almost cryptic by design to bring people to you sinking ship.
While this paragraph is somewhat correct it trails off in a direction the author fails to understand and resembles a “cut and paste.”

Of coarse, Satan, as a little red man with horns and cloven hooves, is merely a paranoid delusion of the Christian imagination. The “Goat Man” is simply a transmutation of the Horned God Pan, whom the church proclaimed a “devil” (derived from the Indian word devi, meaning god) upon conquering the tribes that worshipped the fertility god. However, to exploit the power of such imagery will work wonders in arousing emotional energy in ritual, as well as day to day life. This is an essential element of *chaos magic, which is a widely utilized supplement in Satanic magic. This practice is preached by the Black Pope, as is made clear in pages 40 – 45 of The Satanic Bible, where LaVey advocates the creation of ones own gods. He does not, however, elaborate on the specific formulas for the construction, resurrection, maintenance or evolution of servitors, and so this subject will be expanded upon in this volume.
COMMENT: Heralding Howard Stanton Levy and yet forming a comparative is something Theistic Satanist would not do.
Where is your own concept in the opening statement?

Because todays Gods of chaos are erected in a fashion similar to the elaborately constructed deities of the ancient world, the strong foundations of the ancient gods are a virtual gold mine to a talented chaos magician, which is why they have been so colorfully rethroned in the mythos of Biblicus Satanicus.
The Dogma and ritual prescribed in this grimoire is designed to solidify the gods the 4th dimension into the temples of the 3rd. But these concepts seem to evade the amicable conversations of the politically logical “Satheists”, who scoff at the idea of old school spiritual magic. To the True Satanist, the Dark Ones ( Lucifer and Lilith) are more than forgotten servitors of yesteryear, they are the life force from which we draw the power to manifest our dreams into reality and fulfill our True Will, and they are the helping Left Hand that directs us towards
wisdom and truth.
COMMENT: I got to say the separation of Satan and Lucifer has been common knowledge for years and has been debunked by several Occult Masters and hundreds of talented writers, so your statement comparing Satan and Lucifer is better left alone, my advice is you need to study more before you place a book into the hands of a Theistic Satanist, and without “peer support” you have nothing but another door stop.

Lilith, Lucifer, and the Tree of Knowledge

The plant that is the Tree of Knowledge in the book of Genesis is a tree dwelling strain of Datura. There are twelve known strains of Daturas in the world today, the most well known species in North America being Datura Stromonium, AKA Thorn Apple, AKA Devil’s Weed. Devil’s Weed can be located on the side of the road, in bean or corn fields, and in vacant lots or cow pastures throughout the Midwest. It is a large, bushy plant, with white-magenta tented, trumpet shaped flowers, and round, prickly-spiked fruit.
The tropane alkaloids (atropine, scopolamine, and hyoscyamine) of the plant provide a sedated, but predominately hallucinogenic effect, which is conducive to having visions and spiritual apiphanies. 
The seeds are the most potent part of the plant, and are most widely used in Satanic Shamanism. They should be steeped into a tea, or made into an extract, but never ingested directly. It is recommended that Datura be prepared by a Shaman for ritual use. 

COMMENT: Again the author trails off with lack of research, the location of Tree of Life was in Sumeria as described by Inanna and Enki and multitudes of other deities, placing such a valuable Tree of Life in America is like saying the Eiffel Tower is in New York.
So then thats brings the question where is this tree, you say plant I say tree?
Maybe George Bush Jr. had it moved as Exxon needed it after the war for rare oils to sell to Shaman.
Please buy some books and read about the Tree of Life before you write about it, people in Theistic Satanism are allot smarter than that.

The extract can be soaked up with the dried leaves of the plant and burnt as incense, or smoked (for ritual purposes only, of coarse).
The flying ointments of the Witches from the middle ages were sometimes made of Datura, as it is an astral projection catalyst. The Witches would apply these ointments to their broom handles and employ them as dildos. The mucous membranes of the vagina would absorb the tropane alkaloids of the plant and the Witches were “flown” to their Sabbats on the astral plane were they consorted the Devil and indulged in sexual orgies. The pop culture image of the Witch riding the broom is derived as a result of these rituals. 
COMMENT: While this is very real, who moved the Tree?
The author of course assumed and “cut and pasted” the above statement!

Datura has long been associated with our Dark Goddess Lilith, the first wife of Adam serpent of Eden. For in the beginning, Yahweh created Adam and Lilith. But it was a selfishly sinister act, not the compassionate gift it is portrayed to be in the book of Genesis. 
Shortly after bringing Adam and Lilith into the garden, Yahweh informs the couple that they are “free” to enjoy Eden as they please in return for their unquestioning obedience and praise. They are told to breed, and to teach their children to obey and worship as they do. 
Reverse Christians take notes this is “your man!” explaining the Creation Tale by anywhere but Sumeria is weakening oneself, the evidence is everywhere in Sumeria and the author refused to look for choosing again to “cut and paste.:

Adam is made the ruler of wild beasts, Lilith is given domain over plants, and Yahweh assigns a Gaurdian Cherub (Lucifer) to watch over Eden and report on any human delinquencies.
But Lucifer becomes suspicious of his assignment when he realizes that Yahweh appears more concerned with confining the humans to the garden rather than protecting them from outside influence. He then takes a personal interest in the affairs of humans, developing a particular fondness for Lilith. 
When a domestic altercation breaks out between Adam and Lilith, Lucifer begins to understandl the motivation behind Yahwehs’ mysterious behavior. 
The altercation began when Adam attempted to make intamant advances towards his wife, and is rejected. After being denied verbally, Adam attacks Lilith physically, but once again she thwarts his attempts. At this point Yahweh interveines, commanding Lilith to submit to her husband, or be banished from Eden and forsaken forever .When Lilith continues to refuse, demanding equality and liberty, she is banished from Eden for her persistence.
Lucifer, having witnessed this episode, concludes that his suspicions are not without merit. Yahweh had created humans only as an energy source, to be bred, herded, and harvested, and consumed like the cattle in the fields of Eden. For Yahweh, like any other godhead, servitor, tulpa or thought form, must feed to be maintained. Without the prayer and praise of man, he will wane and die. 
Lucifer is deeply offended by Yahwehs diabolical intentions, not only because it makes him question the motive behind his own creation, but because he is in love with a human (Lilith). 
And so Lucifer campaigns among the Angelic Hierarchy of Heaven, winning the favor of one third of the population. He wages war on Yahweh, and retreats to Earth to recoup orate after losing the first battle. When he and his army arrive, they launch a search for Lilith. She is discovered wondering the dessert, exiled and full of rage, and is told of Yahwehs plan as Lucifer spins the tale of psychic vampirism and energy extortion.

Are you as confused as I am with what this author just wrote, his abhorrent lack of study comes full circle in this paragraph above, and should be reason enough to avoid this book completely.
Above one can find underpinnings of Modern Satanism and Christianity and Judaism.

When Lucifer tells Lilith of Eve, informing her that she has already been replaced, the two conspire to enlighten Yahwehs latest creation, and a plan is formulated. Lucifer, with his angelic magical prowess, and Lilith, with botanical expertise, manifest the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. 
Lilith, having been endowed with immortality and magical potency by her angelic lover, shifts shape into the bibles most feared and misunderstood character, and slithers into the garden undetected to carry out the second phase of the plan.
But when Yahweh sees the mysterious plant in the garden, he attempts to destroy it, unsuccessfully. However, he does manage to curse the fruit of the plant, causing it to grow sharp thorns, and he forbids Adam and Eve to consume it.
But Lilith (the serpent), finds Eve alone in the garden and convinces her that the fruit from the plant will bring her enlightenment and liberation, not death as Yahweh had threatened.
And so, Eve, persuaded by the serpent, found that Yahweh was indeed a liar, for when she and Adam ate of the fruit they saw through the eyes of gods. 
When Yahweh sees this he becomes infuriated, showing his true colors at last. He banishes Adam and Eve from Eden, casting down malicious and excessive curses for the couples so called “sin”, although his true motive was to distance them from the Tree of Life, so that they could not eat of it as well. 
Through the Tree of Knowledge we have learned that Yahweh is a selfish deity who wishes to enslave the human race and suppress the lust for life and knowledge that would liberate us from his bondage, and that to deny Our True Will is the only real sin.


COMMENT: I hope the readers of this are as entertained as I am this young man is definitely a Christian and he has the had the nerve to publicly call Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik the founder of the Church of Theistic Satanism a Christian, wow a bad author and a bad detractor.
Oh wait he previewed us a little more of this poorly prepared book, well “doorstop.”

Of Hell and the After Life

One of the most frequently asked questions from the non-practitioner is what happens to you when you die? There are as many answers to this question as there are individuals who ask it. 
The correlations between occult science and quantum physics are clear to the metaphysician. What was known as the astral plane to the occultist of yesterday is known to the scientists of today as hyperspace. It is here that thought begins to transform into substance. The metaphysical exchange between magician and Godhead (also called servitors, thought forms, and tulpas) can be emulated in the construction of eternal temples. However, when preparing an astral temple the process is carried out in reverse order. 
This type of technique was used by the Pharaohs of Egypt in forging the astral temples that would become home to their life force or “KA” upon physical death. Once the Pharaohs KA was placed in its astral vessel, it was maintained by Priests who exulted his ego, worshipping him for his accomplishments long after he left the physical realm. The ancient Egyptians had a keen understanding of life after death, and they manipulated it using these concepts. 
And so, the after life is exactly what you make it. The Christian concept of Hell is reserved for those guilt ridden masochists who believe they deserve to end up there. For the True Satanist, Hell is our Valhalah, an everlasting extension of our darkest desires, where the Satanic philosophers thoughts roam uninhibited, sexual gradification is rampant, liquor flows from elaborate fountains of obscene vistas, and our dreams manifest into reality just as fast as we can dream them. 

Oh my Satan, this author thinks Hell is a place of reality we go when we die to drink alcohol?
Sounds like a Islamic Theory Mr. Blackthorn do we get virgins too?
Death according to our ancient priests and priestesses is eternity at the side of our deity and for those who cannot make it is life in darkness until your energy expires, which version is more logical, beer, women, sex, or with the deity?
By the way this entire section the author wrote above contained 22 spelling errors and 7 grammar errors and as bad as my grammar is at times, I would notice even worse grammar.

Of coarse, there will be those retarded Christians chanting like cheerleaders at the special Olympics, Claiming that those who walk the Left Hand Path are condemned to roast for eternity in a lake of fire. But these ideas are nothing more than a conglomeration of ideas from an array of cultures throughout time, created by the powers that be in order to heard their sheeple in accordance with their particular motives. 
Hella, the lover of Loki, is the Teutonic Goddess of the underworld Hel, which is the abode of the dead and a place rebirth in Norse mythology. It is easy to see how the authors of the “Holy Bible” named the torture chamber of their own mythology. Previous to the discovery of the books of Wodenism, the men who wrote the “Holy Bible” used the word sheol (Hebrew), simply meaning the grave. After renaming their underworld, they set it ablaze, much like the valley of Gehenna (a pit near Jerusalem used to burn garbage), where the evolution of the fire and brimstone of Hell was no doubt manufactured as the authors sat roasting mashmallows. 

COMMENT: Sorry Mr Blackthorn you have done nothing but embarrass the religion of Theistic Satanism with this book, please sell them off at your farm sale, or give them away as door stops, this book is as lacking as your knowledge obviously is.
Thank You
Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik
Founder a Real Satanic Church