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Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Exposes Ricky Clawson

June 30, 2013


Church of Malphas Psychic Fraudster Ricky Clawson

Let us introduce you to the Church of Malphas Psychic.

In breaking news we have found this “alleged” child molester Ricky Clawson hailing from Texas who is employed at Psychic Source is involved in the Church of Malphas fraud against religious leader Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, we have investigated Mr. Clawson a fraudulent psychic and have found several interesting things in his past including theft and allegations of child molestation.

Under a “mild mannered” look this “creepy” individual according to former Church of Malphas Board members is involved in steering Barbara Sobel in attacking both Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik and Robert Fraize.

Often people involved in Psychic activities involve themselves in religion, we suggest you investigate all who practice physic activities, beyond feedback because I can tell you feedback can always be created and paid for, so credibility is important and after investigation of Ricky Clawson I as an Occult Leader and several other credible physics suggest you avoid the service of Ricky Clawson.


This commentary is a public announcement and allegations presented here are presented under Freedom of Speech, while we understand this criminal is gay this in no way is an attempt to bash his personal choices, this is an activity he has used in the past to remove his fraudulent behaviors we will not yield to such cards being played.




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