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Plot by Others About Priest FALSE No Former Priests or Priestesses of Temples of Satan

February 15, 2015

Temples of Satan

Founded 2000

Recent allegations of a Priest who left the Temples of Satan are merely constructed in retaliation of accusations levied against others, to date the original clergy are still part of the vibrant and ever growing Temples of Satan, no ordained clergy member has ever left since 2000, however one has been dismissed because of a conviction, however this person was only a Reverend.

We in the clergy of The Temples of Satan released the complete background report of the former Reverend who was convicted and are confident he has not acted in any manners detrimental to the Temples of Satan.

All information provided by anyone claiming to be a Priest or Priestess is false.

The Temples of Satan does not release any name and is bound by strict confidentiality agreements in place upon ordainment.

We are fully aware of Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik and his background and have long supported his efforts in protecting those in the Occult Community against criminals, we stand with him in all his decisions and support his actions against those deemed counterproductive to the cause of Theistic Satanism.

Recent “stalkers and those with criminal paths have a driven a relentless effort to smear his name on the Internet but we are very optimistic as Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik has no criminal record of any significance to date and we stand as Theistic Satanists with him.

Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik was quoted: “I have exposed so many people that could harm those in the Occult and as Leader in Theistic Satanism I will always stand for those who are abused and taken advantage of I am proud of my clergy men and women who have held the Temples of Satan together for so many years.”

The Clergy of The Temples of Satan







For Release.

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