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THE THEISTIC AFTERLIFE (via The Voice of Satanism)

June 23, 2011

THE THEISTIC AFTERLIFE A Study for Afterlife…. Commentary by Grand Magister Blackwood Leader of Theistic Satanism and Founder of the First Church of Theistic Satanism. This question has always been in question, finally I believe I can explain it for the Theistic Satanist based on years of research and interviews with Theistic Satanist’s who have survived death itself, it is no “fairy tale” or descent into a underworld as the Christians so fervently describe. There is … Read More

via The Voice of Satanism


In Texas

April 11, 2011

In Texas!

Statement of Faith Church of Theistic Satanism, Temples of Satan

March 27, 2011

Statement of Faith Church of Theistic Satanism, Temples of Satan.

Brotherhood of Satan Criminals Want Unity Why?

March 23, 2011

Unity the Temples of Satan Challenge:
From the Desk of Grand Magister Blackwood Leader of Theistic Satanism.

People often ask, as founder of the Temples of Satan why would you not support Unity?
1. The Church of Theistic Satanism our parent Church is founded on Theistic Satanism, by definition and offer no structural rules except as required by charter to form a legal Church as set forth by each individual state in the United States to provide protection from Cults, and with such a edict we can only align with actual Churches, so the challenge is to find other Churches with the same path as ours.
2. While others entitle web prescience’s as Churches they are Organizations operational under the laws that allow anyone to have a Church a right granted by government, however they can use the moniker yet should they ordain they are required to form a tax status and have many integral parts and pieces assembled so when challenged in court are granted legal precedence.
3. Technically as a Church we can speak for the religion as a whole because we hold legal precedence in such matters, however with such it also allows us legal abilities such as security and provisional clergy ordained in the name of Satan.
People also ask why we cannot get along with the Brotherhood of Hillbilly’s (Satan) we as a legitimate Church cannot always provide the needed time to investigate allegations such as sexual misconduct and fraud along with a host of other activities that former members allege, but we can however chose to disassociate ourselves from Cults like the Brotherhood of Satan.
1. Satanism has nothing to do with Knights of the Templar the theory has been discredited and disproved so as Theistic Satanist’s this is a way to mislead and create a “spooky environment” which is not even close to Satanism.
2. We cannot form Unity when allegations of Child Pornography and Criminal Sexual Abuse is being alleged from the Cult known as The Brotherhood of Satan.
3. We find ourselves at the door of a Age of Enlightenment in Satanism, and cannot be a part of any Organizations that are borderline a Cult.
People ask why do you think your plan is so brilliantly designed?
1. Our plans are not all my plans, our large body of Clergy is often consulted on general direction and purpose of our direction this cannot be dictated by anyone but our membership and officials.
2. By design we always seek those dedicated to the practice and teachings of Theistic Satanism, and because of this design, we are far more fundamental exploring historically accurate or theological comparatives to better inform our body of membership.
If things are so great why do people leave?
1. People lack the fortitude at times to really fight for Satan and loose themselves in witchcraft and lore which has little to do with a path of understanding, this is not the fault of anyone in the Church of Theistic Satanism.
2. Some people hate, Jews or Gays or Lesbians we do not, we are a Church aligned in the Path of Satan, not a Racist Thug Group aligned to spew hatred to our Brothers and Sisters.
3. People think things are twenty four seven, we are volunteer and as any Church we can only divide ourselves so far, with so many projects we are involved in we cannot stop for people being “needy.”
4. We grow as we decline and for people to think the “grass is greener” somewhere else is typically encountered by any Church regardless of religion.
Why do you think you are control of Satanism?
1. I am not, I am merely reporting and offering up a body of work that I have consulted with leading people in Satanic Theory, much of my work is produced by inspiration of Great Minds I communicate with regularly off-line and via phone, despite minor grammatical errors the output of Satanic Works rivals the competing Non Church Organizations.
2. I write for membership and for enlightenment, and agree or disagree realize I put careful thought and intellect into it, not always for the general public…
3. While passion is often mistaken for ego, I am firmly connected to the deity and such a connection can provide for “twists and turns.”
4. I and my Church (notice Church) must provide a message as we are expanding Satanism, not always bringing in old unchangeable minds but fresh faces and fresh idea’s because unlike Cults like the Brotherhood of Satan we are not sheep and do more than try to convert works into doctrine that are nothing close to being Satanic.
So as you can see we cannot align with people who are not educated fully in Satanism, we cannot expect teens who are controlled by their mother lead Satanism, and we cannot align with Cults who preach “spooky” lies and control others into sexual deviations of a leader who switches titles as quick as underwear.

Hail Satanist’s
Grand Magister Blackwood

Knights of Templar Fraud by Georgia Cult

March 5, 2011

Why the Knights of The Templar and Satanism Don’t Mix!

The Brotherhood of Satan Cult Leader “Turns Christian” Proof Link!

But lets just not take the Brotherhood of Satan’s word for it I will cite several authors more versed in the history of the Templar’s:


Modern Templar Organizations.

After contacting a representative of the Modern Order they laughed when I spoke of The Brotherhood of Satan and asked me how Satanism was connected, a fact perhaps The Brotherhood Cult Leader failed to understand, or perhaps its some secret knowledge he is holding until you pay his membership fee!

More information the Cult Leader failed to read!

Hundreds of articles provide Christian Links and only those who attempt to add mysticism to Satanism would ever take up the ideology of the Templar’s being Satanic.

To make such claims is nothing short of misleading so as a Real Satanic Church the Temples of Satan and Church of Theistic Satanism as always showing those seeking the path of True Enlightenment the Truth and Excellence those who are involved in Theistic Satanism would expect.


Please don’t take my word and please don’t take the Brotherhood of Satan Cult’s word for it for they are not doing anything great for Satanism, claiming Unity and then aligning with Christian Historical Knights that add to the “Cult Atmosphere” It is a shame, groups can’t be truthful and practice Real Satanism, relying on convincing people some “spooky” story has more than it really does.


If a group desires to start a Satanic Knighthood then do it, don’t tie yourself to Gnostic Christianity or Islam, it makes for a great story but confuses the young people who truly wish to learn about the religion and not be mislead by groups with a desire to charge membership fee’s to benefit him or his wife.


Hail Satan

“The Purity and Excellence in Satanism.”

Grand Magister Blackwood

Brotherhood of Satan Lies Continue by Founder

January 30, 2011

Lies Explode on Brotherhood of Satan Georgia Cult.
Exposing Satanism: Grand Magister Blackwood Leader of Theistic Satanism.

I must say I have never exposed such a large case of Satanic Fraud exposing this group or social network lead by several people in Georgia.
I am prepared to dispute a few things they claim, and you as the reader will soon see the lies “bubble to the surface.”

I received this from a Brotherhood of Satan (former member)
Jan 22 2011
When the Leader a Sexual Predator (alleged), was asked a few things out came the lies!
1. Generational Satanist’s?
His response was:

Generational Satanists move in hidden and mysterious ways and we
like to remain BEHIND THE SCENES in most cases.
That it is common knowledge that the Old Bloodlines have many skeletons in their family closets that they wish to remain there and away from prying eyes is a matter of FACT not FICTION. I was first
Consecrated and Ordained a High Priest in the Brotherhood (Meaning Generational
Satanism) by my Grandmother whom made sure that I was Initiated and Ordained on the
oldest site in the countryside where I grew up.

As a Real Ordained Satanic Priest Founder of a Real Theistic Satanic Church I can honestly say this is a bullshit statement no relevant Satanic Churches have ever had a Church in Georgia so the ordainment is self and while self ordainment is allowed under Georgia Law, I doubt the validity and can say his title is fake, based on the statement provided above.

My title is awarded by my membership and simply means Occult Teacher something I do often.
While I am an actual, not “fake generational” Satanic Priest like the Brotherhood of Satan Cult Leader “self proclaims himself’ I prefer my other title.
The difference lies in The Temples of Satan being a Church affiliated with the The Church of Theistic Satanism.

Brotherhood of Satan Founder:

It was on the site of where the first log,cabin in the county stood and on the bank of the DuPage River. Later, I was encouraged to form a Satanist Coven that was secretly backed by the Brotherhood known as LE DIABLE COVEN.

This was the ONLY generational Satanist Coven in Northwestern Illinois at the time that was sanctioned by Moriah (or the secret Council of Generational Satanism and its Hereditary Bloodlines) in the Midwest.

There is no record of this group in Illinois, there are Mormon Groups with a similar name and Moriah Illinois, but no such group or Church is active in that region.
“In your basement” or “log cabin” maybe!

The Leader and Founder blathers more!

The Old Templar and Freemasonic influences abound in TRUE generational Satanism and this is where much of our ancient landmarks come from, and even more so….our extreme secrecy in most

Blackwood: Interviewing Masonic Leaders including several 33rd Degree Masonic Leaders have found Zero Connection between Satanism and Masonry, while Mason’s often embrace a Pagan like attitude, perhaps the Founder of The Brotherhood of Satan slept through class that day, and while one famous Mason spoke of Lucifer, it was a known fact Pike was a fan of some 1800’s Occultists and like the free thinking of Eliphas Levy and others before him.

No Connection traces to any Brotherhood of Satan or to Moriah in Illinois and after interviewing several ranked Mason’s they gave me a blank stare, as I let them read the statement, they then proceeded to laugh aloud and ask me if this individual The Brotherhood of Satan Founder was institutionalized.

The roots of generational Satanism are deeply embedded in the Secret Societies that were set up to preserve the old bloodlines in pure Gothic and Medieval forms. In short, we are the REAL Traditional Satanists because we do see that our Rituals and Customs of the Dark Arts are practiced according to Brotherhood and Family Tradition as it has always been handed down from Colonial America and Europe even earlier.

The only thing a Google Search revealed on this as all of the Founders claims, was his article and this article; this article explained a law enacted during Colonial Times, so I will give the Brotherhood of Satan founder a lesson in history.

While Satanism is older than Christianity it was not practiced for many years until it was discovered in the Temples of Satanas and written about in a Michelet Book and a book entitled Down Under both of these works describe Satanism or similar in France, not Colonial America, and while evidence suggests that the Hellfire Club did have several Colonial Covens, no connection other than rhetoric exists

I am surprised that Satanist’s don’t read into things more, I provide exposes on myths often, but as always I state “don’t take my word for it” “read and research” and you too will understand why I say this organization or social network called the Brotherhood of Satan is a cult.

The Founder continues:

We like to say that REAL generational Satanism is THE CRAFT OF SATANISM. The
members of our Craft have secretly been behind the scenes of world events. We mold
and shape our own destinies as well as the destiny of the United States of America

Blackwood: “Wow some people are sheep lead by sheepherders.”
People know the Masonic Connection in Satanism is there but The Brotherhood of Satan Cult is playing on people for their money and the ideology that some secret underground group is at their beginnings, I simply say.
“Do you think Theistic Satanist’s are stupid?”
Hail Satanist’s

In Laredo

January 30, 2011

In Laredo